About me . . .

“The poetry of our lives . . . Why we do what we do, why we think and feel what we think and feel . . . our spirits, emotions and choices . . . can be a work of art. It can also be a bit of a shocker – like that 2nd grade limerick about a frog we got a D in . . . I have pretty much always wanted to know why . . . (especially since 2nd grade)”

Coming from a psych/industrial psych background, and mentoring and training people for over 20 years, not to mention being an informal counsellor and giver of sage advice since about 2 (if only I could have learned to talk earlier) . . . I became a Professional Life Coach in 2007 and have since then been part of many people’s exciting growth journeys.

My passion for knowing ‘why’ has quite conveniently lead to me also knowing a lot of the WHAT . . . and I get a HUGE KICK out of sharing this.

Coaching and seeing people grow, find happiness and peace, and achieve their goals is my absolute passion.

My background: 

  • Psych/industrial psych degrees
  • 3-year CCI Professional Coaching Diploma (97% pass) – 2007
  • ICF accreditation in process
  • 12+ years as a qualified coach
  • 23 years C-level and entrepreneurial business experience
  • keynote speaker on self-growth topics
  • Many success stories – every client leaves with positive and helpful change
  • A delightful range of life experiences which give me a personal insight into many challenging situations . . . really – I would list them all but I don’t want my mother to know. Or my kids . . . I haven’t yet experienced a land war in China – but apart from that I have most things covered . . . so empathy is pretty much guaranteed.